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Welcome to Disjointed Reality.

www.disjointedreality.com is a central hub to link all of my online activities.

For just over a year, I maintained a blog on Tumblr. Tumblr served my purposes very well. I liked the elegance and simplicity of the interface and the ability to publish whatever I want, from my computer or from my mobile phone.

So, www.disjointedreality.com has been born out of the experience and fun that Tumblr had given me. But I wanted to go further. I wanted to create galleries of my creative output. I wanted to link more permanently with other social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. I wanted to experiment with the total design of a website, without the constraints of fixed templates and advertising support. I wanted to be able to communicate and receive constructive feedback.

My first task was to manually import all of my Tumblr postings into this new site. The blog will continue here, and my Tumblr site will be frozen. New post links will be forwarded to the usual places. Please watch out for new pages and new layouts. I don't want this site to remain static and will be experimenting with a wide range of features and designs.

This has always been a personal project. I do it for myself, because it interests me and I enjoy creating, designing and publishing. If, along the way, you have found my output of any interest and decided to follow it, then I'm very pleased to welcome you and hope that you will return soon.

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