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Bog Standard ?

Public toilets are, at best, plain and functional.

Imagine my surprise, when visiting a garden centre in North West England to find these novel, creative, floral urinals. Designed by American artist Clark Sorensen, they cost upwards of £3,000 each. The garden centre, Barton Grange, just outside Garstang in Lancashire was officially opened by the Princess Royal in March 2008 and Mr Sorensen travelled from his San Francisco home to be at the opening. In the weeks following the opening of the garden centre, the daffodil, poppy, lilly and tulip urinals became so popular with female visitors to the centre that men were struggling to use them for their intended purpose.

There is now even a postcard for sale, stating "I've watered the flowers at Barton Grange garden centre".

Apologies for the poor quality of the photographs.



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