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I recently attempted to post a review of a podcast on the iTunes store, only to have it rejected on two occasions.

I have been listening to a series of recordings made at the London, Regent Street, Apple Store, entitled "Meet the Author" and found them both interesting and entertaining. Actually, Stephen Fry was a little weak, rambling on about the history of Apple, but on the whole, the series has been excellent.

This week, another recording automatically downloaded and synced with my iPod. The featured author this time was Tony Wrighton "sports presenter and best selling motivational author".

My mini review follows. I assume that it was blocked by Apple for two reasons.

  1. I used the words "bullshit" and "crap". Both of which are deemed inappropriate.
  2. Apple doesn't like critisism of it's own productions.

"I've thoroughly enjoyed this series of interviews and Q&A with well known authors. That is, until Tony Wrighton appeared on the feed. Congratulations must go to Sam Matterface for keeping this going for the hour. I've never heard such a lot of waffle and bullshit for a long time. Virtually every question was answered with "Research shows...". His motivational techniques were, at best juvenile. Associating positive thoughts with a piece of music or a photograph. Make your passwords mean something positive to you. COME ON! Does anyone actually buy into this crap? Do people actually pay him to say "Do whatever suits you"? The audience seemed suitably underwhelmed, if not, embarrassed. Certainly the constant references to the fact that the audience were actually waiting to see Stephen Fry were absolutely true.

Please, iTunes, don't waste my download bandwidth offering this quality of output again".

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