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A new year begins, and with it, the associated hopes and dreams we call resolutions. 

So, eat less chocolate, drink more water, exercise more, lose weight and give more to charity it is then.

Phew! That was easy…


Damn, I just ate a piece of Toblerone. Well, when it's gone, it's gone - then I can really start to stop eating chocolate. Hm, just one more piece.

This rain… It's been raining all day, and now it's going dark. Guess the planned walk is out of the question. No point in going out in the dark and the wet. I'll start exercising tomorrow, when it's dry.

Talking of water, I must get a glass of water.

The weather forecast says it will be icy tomorrow. After all this rain, it may be unwise to go out cycling. Perhaps a walk then.

I'm feeling rather bloated. This Toblerone is quite filling. Better not get on the scales just yet, to check my start of year weight. I'll do it next week, when the excesses of Christmas and new year are but a distant memory.

Of course I could have given the Toblerone away.

That would have been charitable.

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