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One of those days.

Some days you just feel like a good old moan, and today seems to be one of those days.
A succession of rather trivial things have managed to keep my annoyance levels nice and high for the last couple of hours.
Firstly, there was an update to my favourite iPhone Twitter client, Twitbird Pro, available this morning. (January 6th).
The only obvious change is the inclusion of a Santa hat on the application icon. WHY?
I tweeted a complaint about it and await a reply.
I then called into a Costa Coffee shop for a quick coffee. I'm constantly annoyed by the staff who will insist on putting the till receipt on the saucer, then placing the cup on top of it. It always results in a soggy, wet receipt. WHY DO THEY DO THIS?
I was then given a small jug of milk for my coffee. For some reason, it was only about a third full. When I asked for it to be topped up, I was given a short lecture about the amount of milk appropriate for the size of coffee cup I had ordered. WHY?
It's only mid morning. I wonder what further delights the remainder of the day will hold.

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