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A surprising discovery.

The iPad Keyboard Dock.

I wasn't the first member of my family to own an iPad - which is quite a surprise, because I am the most Apple-centric, amongst all of my family... by a long way.

But, it was my father who bought the first generation iPad, within days of its launch. He still has it and uses it daily, and gets immense pleasure from all he is able to do with it.

When he bought it, he had never used a touch screen device and was rather wary of being able to type using the on-screen keyboard. So, without trying it first, he bought the iPad Keyboard Dock too. Needless to say, two and a half years later, he has barely used the keyboard.

In a recent rush of blood to the head, he has embarked on a major clear out at home; working his way through cupboard after cupboard, taking lots of 'stuff' to the council tip, charity shops, and also depositing many items of indeterminate usefulness, at our house.

Actually, I shouldn't be too critical. Some of the things he has dropped off, have, and will be very useful.

Amongst everything was the iPad Keyboard Dock. He had decided that he was unlikely to ever use it, so I suggested that I tried to sell it for him on eBay.

I have an iPad 2 and just assumed that it wouldn't be totally compatible, because of the difference in thickness between the first and second generation iPads.

Today, I started to create a few eBay auctions and got the dock out to take a couple of photographs for my advert.

Just out of curiosity I tried my iPad on it. It wasn't particularly easy to locate the 30 pin dock connecter in the socket on the iPad, but, with a little careful manipulation, it went in.

The back of the dock supports the iPad reasonably well. Perhaps it is a little more wobbly than the first generation one would be, but it's okay.

Anyway, to give it a try, I sat down and started to type, and I like it. With the iPad specific function keys and Apple keyboard feel and build quality, it’s perfect for turning the iPad into a slightly more traditional computer.

An easy 400 words typed on my iPad.

Now, I just need to offer my father something for the Keyboard Dock.


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