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A new design

After several weeks of design, a little bit of coding, tweaking, pixel pushing, DNS juggling and cursing, Disjointed Reality has finally transitioned to a new site.

During the development period, some of you will have seen examples of both designs running in parallel on disjointedreality.com and disjointedreality.me .

Now everything has been brought together under the primary .com domain.

The old site is still live, at disjointedreality.net and will eventually be closed down.

There will inevitably be some bugs and things that don't work quite as I want them. The whole site, and indeed everything under the Disjointed Reality banner is very much a work in progress anyway, and will always be changing and hopefully improving.

As I've no doubt mentioned in other places, constructive comments, feedback and even criticism are very welcome.

I hope you enjoy the new site.

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