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Cheshire oaks?

Several years ago I did some work for an elderly lady who lived in Neston, Cheshire; (a small town on The Wirral Peninsula, in North West England). In her large garden there was a mature oak tree, no doubt several hundred years old. She told me that there were lines of oak trees across various parts of Wirral following old boundaries. Whether or not the story was true, I have no idea, but the oak in her garden was certainly one of a few that I could see, forming a line across the adjacent fields.

Last week I was walking in the Heswall area, in a part that I hadn't visited before, close to what is now the Cheshire/Merseyside boundary. Of course Merseyside is only a Metropolitan County, created in the 1970s, centred around Liverpool and absorbing parts of Lancashire and Cheshire, including the most northerly two thirds of Wirral.

Along this boundary is a line of old oak trees, very similar to the line I saw in Neston, though perhaps a little younger. 

This recent discovery has sparked my interest again, in finding out more about the Cheshire oaks.

If anyone with local history knowledge of the area has any information relating to this, I'd be very interested to hear from you.

Glenridding, Ullswater.

During a short walking holiday in The English Lake District in October 2014, I had my first real opportunity to experiment with the camera on my new iPhone 6. I had a Canon S100 compact with me, but after seeing the quality and detail of images on the screen of the iPhone 6, I put the compact away and stayed with the iPhone.

This is a panorama taken looking over the southern end of Ullswater towards Glenridding and Patterdale. It was taken hand held and I rotated the camera through approximately 120 degrees.

Please click on the image to enlarge.

This image can also be seen on my  500px  and  Flickr  galleries.

Late Afternoon.

This is the first photograph posted here, to be taken on the iPhone 4S. It is exactly as shot. No filters have been applied and no modifications made. Considering the fact that it was shot directly into a setting sun, the level of detail and lack of lens flare is pretty remarkable for such a compact, multi-optic lens and CMOS sensor assembly. Any blur can be attributed to me, standing on a steep bank, hanging on to a hedge for support.

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